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    1. Serving national strategies
      Promoting technological innovation、
      Realizing employees' dreams.

      Create a First-class Engineering Company in China


      About Us

      The Fourth Construction Co.,Ltd.of China Electronics System Engineering (referred to as CEFOC) was founded in 1953 and belongs to CEC China Electronic Systems Engineering Corporation. It is a comprehensive engineering and technical service company focusing on engineering consultation, engineering design, engineering contracting and facility management in the fields of electronic information, biopharmaceutical, chemical environmental protection, data center, automobile, new energy and other high-tech manufacturing industries.

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      Business Segments

      Consulting and Design

      In 2006, CEFOC fully acquired Hebei Provincial Petrochemical Design Institute(PECHDI). On July 1, 2013, PECHDI and the world famous engineering company Foster Wheeler established a joint venture named " Foster Wheeler(Hebei) Engineering Design Co., Ltd. to provide EPC, project engineering, and project consulting services to worldwide clients with two design centers in Shanghai & Shijiazhuang and four affiliates of Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Shanghai Kunyuan branches. Supported by this platform, CEFOC earned broader space of business development in China being able to provide up to date design concept to the clients, seeking technical support from all over the world with rich experiences in engineering design for the products to provide an whole-process service of project consultation, planning, engineering and construction.

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      Project Contracting

      CEFOC has perfect engineering management system, experienced technical team, long-term reliable supplier resources, and can provide excellent services in all aspects of project implementation to ensure that the project is completed safely, efficiently and on schedule.

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      Facilities Management

      Based on its many years of experiences in the design and building of high-tech industry plants, CEFOC has a professional understanding of utility systems of various plants. In response to the country's call for energy saving environment protection, CEFOC started to work in the area of plant facilities management in 2006 and set up a special company CCFM in Beijing in 2010 with the main business in facilities operation management, facilities maintenance, system consulting and diagnosis,system upgrade, energy-saving renovation and consulting, etc

      CCFM's facilities management services and solutions aims at enhancing the management quality of its clients on non-core business to free up its clients to focus on their core business so as to enhance their core-competitiveness

      In recent years, CEFOC has been providing comprehensive facilities management services to ICRD, HIKSTOR, STATE GRID, BOE, PANDA, NOVO NORDISK, LVZHUZHIYAO, Tianjin CanSinoBIO,UOB, Walmart, Danfoss and etc...

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      Clean Products

      In 2010, CEFOC fully acquired Taiwan-funded enterprise-Kunshan Max Clean Systems Co, Ltd (formerly known as Kunshan Max Metal Co, Ltd ). After nearly 20 years of development, Max has become a Well-known manufacturer of clean products in this industry. Adhering to the tenet of 'Innovation and Improvement, Pursuit of Perfection', the company has continuously expanded its scale and led the industry to move forward.?In 2014, the company made its first overseas acquisition and acquired Italian TECO and its Swiss sales company. In 2016, the company was officially listed on NEEQ.


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      News Center

      • 2020-06-19
        China's first bio-safety level P3 bio-pharmaceutical production workshop for human use was recently completed and delivered.   With an annual output of 100 million doses, the workshop is expected to be the largest COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing workshop in the world when it starts mass production.   Contracted by the Fourth Construction Co., Ltd. of China Electronics System Engineering, a subsidiary of China Electronic Corporation (CEC), the project is also the first in the vaccine production field in China at the P3 bio-safety level in prevention and control of major epidemics.   During construction, the material purchasing, engineering plans, construction procedures as well as pandemic prevention and control were scientifically arranged in advance.   The company was also responsible for construction of several of the first inactivated viru...
      • 2020-06-12
        When the world scientists are racing against time to develop vaccines, a Chinese firm announced they have built the world's largest vaccine plant with the annual capacity reaching 100 million doses.   The Fourth Construction Co., Ltd. of China Electronics System Engineering made the statement on Monday, claiming a production facility with bio-safety level 3 (BSL-3) is ready to mass produce vaccines once one has been proven to be safe and effective.   According to global standards, BSL-3 is used for work involving microbes which can cause serious and potentially lethal disease via the inhalation route, for instance, the respiratory diseases like SARS, MERS. This type of work can be done in clinical, diagnostic, research, or production facilities.     As one of the contractors constructing a BSL-3 production facility, the Hebei-based com...

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